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I'm Gabrielle, 18, W/E.
Ask shit.
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i’m lazy ;)
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Ingrid baby♥♥♥
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I love me some Ingrid ;D
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mmmmmm (Taken with Instagram)

I don’t see what the big fucking deal is. I’m 18, I’m Young. Why can’t I just enjoy being young without the judgement of every else around me? I got my diploma, I’ve got money, I’m free, so why wont anyone just realize that and like, just like let me live my life my way??? If I want to post myself naked on my instagram(s) then I should be able to!! I’m not a fucking kid anymore, I’m an adult and no one was able to tell me what to do two years ago, no one is able to tell me what to do now!! I’m not my sisters okay? I know how to resist temptation or whatever. All of you guys and all of the public and media or whateer just like needs to stay the hell out of my life and let me be who I want to be. Tess got to be a cyber playboy model, Alexis got to see the inside of Lindsay Lohan’s house. All i want to do is do what makes me happy and feel good without you all coming the fuck down on me. 

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DO you guys remember this?!?!? :)
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Great Night ;)